Brand-New Layout with AdminLTE

Vertical menu (desktop)

Vertical menu (mobile)

Horizontal Menu (Extension for registered users only)


Show Both Reports and Charts in Dashboard Reports


New Chart Types - Pareto 2D/3D, Marimekko, Zoom-line, 2D/3D Single Y Combination (Column + Line + Area)

Pareto 3D



See FusionCharts for complete list.


Google Charts for Gantt and Candlestick Charts

HTML5 charts replace Flash charts. Support export.


Google Sign-In and Facebook Login


Custom Edit Tags

Enter field values in your own way with your own Edit Tag. For use with Extended Filters.


Google Maps - MarkerClusterer


AutoSuggest with "More"


New DateTime Picker

Replaces out-dated JsCalendar.


Project Versioning

Auto create a version of project when you save the project. Easily revert project to any of these versions within ASP.NET Report Maker.



Auto-Render Template

Customize menu, language selector, navbar menu items... anywhere in the layout with your own JsRender templates.



Icon for Menu Items

Enter icon CSS class name (glyphicon-* or fa-*) easily for menu items



Scrolling Table Extension (For Registered Users Only)


Search Box for Advanced Settings


New Advanced Settings

  • Use project versioning
  • Compress project .js - now minify all uncompressed .js in the project
  • Use jQuery Migrate
  • Use password hash - use Blowfish for password hashing instead of MD5
  • Chart column CSS class (Left or Right) - specify the column CSS class for charts with position either on the left or right
  • Chart column CSS class (Left and Right) - specify the column CSS class for charts with position either on both left and right
  • Google Sign-In settings
  • Facebook Login settings


New Server Events

  • Page_Foot - for Auto-Render Templates
  • Controller_Action - for adding custom controller actions
  • Ldap_Validated - for searching LDAP tree and further validating LDAP users
  • Menu_Rendered - for cleaning up what created in Menu_Rendering



  • Allow using server event to set options for dropdown instead of getting distinct values
  • F9 and Ctrl+F9 shortcuts for generation
  • More field properties for Multiple Field Update
  • Option to minify all uncompressed .js in the project
  • jQuery file download
  • Font Awesome
  • Mobile Detect, JsRender updated
  • Many other minor improvements


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